List:- E3 Memorable Moments

Over the years E3 has been the subject of quite a few changes. Whether it be the banning of booth babes, the changing of venues, the use of pre-recorded key notes or simply the absence of game developers and publishers all together. But what has continued to run through the event from its very first [...]

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Retro Fix:- South Park Chef’s Luv Shack

Game: South Park Chef’s Luv Shack Format: Dreamcast, Playstation, Nintendo 64, PC Developer: Acclaim Publisher: Acclaim As anyone that played games in the 1990’s will know consoles were the home to a plethora of shoddy rush job licensed titles. Every games publisher out there seemed to think that the surest way to make a quick [...]

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Review: Goldeneye 007

Game: Goldeneye 007 Format: Wii Developer: Eurocom Publisher: Activision Anyone who was a gaming adolescent in the 90s will likely have fond memories of Rare’s original game-changing N64 shooter, and many of them will likely also recall the first attempt to cash in on that legacy, EA’s fairly lamentable Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. You could therefore [...]

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Nintendo: Leading the Way Since 1985

Other companies pussyfoot around and gently introduce concepts over years of testing the water, baby steps and half arsed innovations. Nintendo kick down your door and slap you across the face with new technology and ways to play. They make falling in line with their way a necessity, not an option, hence the current impending flood of motion control devices from Sony and Microsoft.

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Review: Perfect Dark

Game: Perfect Dark Format: Xbox 360 Developer: Rare and 4J Studios Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios With the advent of this generation of consoles we have seen the rise in prominence of digital downloads thanks to Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and the Wii Store. Not only are we seeing the release of really great original [...]

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