NEWbreview Podcast Episode 9

This week our regular band of misfits, Tom, Adam and Kieran, are joined by site writer and twitter superstar Mr Campfire Burning. With Campfire bringing some much needed knowledge of gaming, the guys run down the top releases of the week, Adam updates us on his attempts to woo the ladies and we talk a [...]

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Mon, January 31 2011 » Podcasts » 12 Comments

Video: Kane and Lynch 2 Trailer

“You Think You Can Kill Me?” Do you think you can kill Lynch, the balding self medicated psychopath? Check out the latest trailer for Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days and get back to us on what you think your chances are. You may remember we went hands on with the game a short while [...]

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Sat, August 7 2010 » Videos » No Comments

Speaking with… Jamie Cheng of Klei Entertainment

The staff at Newb Review Towers have decided to get a little more hands on with the creators of some of the biggest and brightest looking upcoming games. We’re going to be starting a regular feature in which we interview the people behind the games that interest us the most. In this inaugural edition of [...]

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Fri, August 6 2010 » Interviews » 5 Comments

1 vs 100 – Endgame

With all the furore over 3D gaming, Kinect, Move, and whispers of what the next generation of consoles might hold, it’s all to easy to lose sight of more recent innovations in video gaming. Microsoft has just announced that there will be no third season of their acclaimed quiz show 1 vs 100, and the [...]

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Tue, July 27 2010 » Opinion Pieces » No Comments

Review: Naughty Bear

Your tolerance for Naughty Bear is likely to extend exactly as far as your amusement at the prospect of chasing cuddly-wuddly widdle bears around a candy-coloured village and beating their stupid bear faces in with a baseball bat while all the other bears run around sobbing and howling in grief and horror.

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Fri, July 23 2010 » PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 5 Comments