NEWbreview Podcast Episode 26

In this weeks podcast our fantastic but unfortunately rather tired host Tom and his commentaries, the rather ridiculous Kieran returns with more genius wit and the man who we just cant actually get off the podcast, Adam,  is back with a wonderful guide to surviving hell of earth. Plus the usual BANTER. MP3 Download / [...]

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Sun, May 29 2011 » Podcasts » No Comments

Speaking With… Michael Fahrny, Producer of Yar’s Revenge

Due to their impressive history, Atari are constantly linked with their huge back catalogue of games. So much so, that when even mentioning the name Atari, you automatically conjure up images of classics such as Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command. Another Atari classic is Yars Revenge, a fixed shooter in which players assumed the role of Yar, an [...]

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Mon, March 21 2011 » Interviews » 1 Comment

Review: Goldeneye 007

Game: Goldeneye 007 Format: Wii Developer: Eurocom Publisher: Activision Anyone who was a gaming adolescent in the 90s will likely have fond memories of Rare’s original game-changing N64 shooter, and many of them will likely also recall the first attempt to cash in on that legacy, EA’s fairly lamentable Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. You could therefore [...]

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Mon, November 15 2010 » Reviews, Wii » No Comments

Review: Earthworm Jim HD

To say that Earthworm Jim has a rabid fanbase would be an understatement. Despite only featuring in a handful of games, Earthworm Jim managed to capture the imagination of a generation over 15 years ago when it was first released on the Sega Megadrive. The original game was ported over to every console under the sun at the time, and was eventually remade for the Sega CD with better graphics and a new sound track.

So you could say that Earthworm Jim has a history with remakes. Now, Gameloft have taken the beloved classic and brought it over in shiny smooth crystal clear HD for the current generations of consoles. But, in doing so, has the game lost that initial magic?

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Thu, June 24 2010 » PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 8 Comments

The Newb Review Episode 15

Today Tom, Kieran, Luke and Joe take command of the airwaves to tackle the hot topics from the world of video games. With a potential Final Fantasy 7 remake, Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3 and a stand-alone 250gb XBox 360 the guys have plenty of news for you to digest.  Of course, we have [...]

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Thu, March 25 2010 » Podcasts » 6 Comments