Review:- Football Manager 13

Game: Football Manager 13 Format: PC, Mac Developer: Sports Interactive Publisher: SEGA Don’t you just hate it when developers and publishers mess around with your favourite game series in order to make them better? You know, when they (gasp!) make changes that improve them? I know I do. This obviously comes from the fact that [...]

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Tue, December 4 2012 » PC/Mac, Reviews » No Comments Podcast Episode 100: EPISODE 1-BLOODY-HUNDRED

Wow. What a milestone. Thanks for anyone that listens/has listened/has and is apart of the show. To celebrate Tom, Adam, Kieran, Jason and Sam went to Tom’s house to record a live podcast and celebrate episode 100. Here it is.. EXPLICIT MP3 Download / iTunes /

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Sun, November 25 2012 » Podcasts » No Comments

Quick Look:- Sports Champions 2

Kieran and Adam are back for another Quick Look video, and this time they’re taking a special look at the inexpensive PlayStation Move game Sports Champions 2. This motion control only game features several party-appropriate Sports, including Tennis, Golf, Boxing and Skiing. This prompts a discussion between then about how they feel the PlayStation [...]

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Quick Look:- Killzone HD

Today Kieran and Adam share their thoughts on the HD remastering of the original Killzone. Currently available as part of the retail Killzone Trilogy, or as a separate download on the PlayStation Store, even after spending a short amount of time with the game it’s very clear how far the first person shooter genre has [...]

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Retro Quick Look:- Super Mario World

This week’s Wetro Wednesday video looks back at one of the greatest video games of all time, 1990′s Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. Of our three contributors only two of them have actually played this stone cold classic, so expect lots of questions and our trademark inane banter. Join Kieran, Adam and [...]

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Wed, November 7 2012 » Articles, Retro Quick Look, Retrospectives, Videos » No Comments