Review:- FarCry 3: Blood Dragon

Game: FarCry3: Blood Dragon Format: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Mhhmm… I simply LOVE the smell of good cheese. And this is what you get when you fire up Blood Dragon for the first time, gratuitous amounts of smelly cheese of all flavors. Did I say “all” flavors? Well, in reality is mostly 80s flavors, which might actually [...]

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Retrospective:- What Was The Secret of Monkey Island?

With all the games on offer today I often feel it is important to think back and remember what games affected you in your childhood.  Certainly those of us in our thirties likely have memories of playing pong on a black and white television, but as technology progressed, we found ourselves in the more creative era [...]

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Hostage Situation Gone Wrong Video

Being professional games writers (lol!) there’s often an expectation that we should be absolutely amazing at every single game that we play. Today we’re shattering that illusion by showing you a typical experience we had when playing the phenomenal Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The mission itself was simple: head over to some old ruins [...]

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Review:- Terraria

Game: Terraria Format: XBLA, PSN, PC Developer: Engine Software Publisher: 505 Games Terraria has been around for a while now, having originally been released on PC, and developed quite a following. Now that clamorous audience of fans is expanding with it’s recent release on consoles.For those that are unaware of the game, you start in [...]

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Adam Thinks: Was the Vita Worth It?

If you would all stop making fun of the Vita now that would be great. Yes it’s been just over a year now and we all know it didn’t do as well as everyone hoped. Especially Sony. You don’t need to remind them of that anymore, even they admitted it. I will admit too, as somebody who [...]

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