Sim City E3 Screenshots

Check out the latest Sim City screenshots straight from EA’s E3 2012 press conference!

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List:- E3 Memorable Moments

Over the years E3 has been the subject of quite a few changes. Whether it be the banning of booth babes, the changing of venues, the use of pre-recorded key notes or simply the absence of game developers and publishers all together. But what has continued to run through the event from its very first [...]

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CAP 132 – E3 2011

Yes, we are still alive. This week we recap everything from all the E3 press conferences, all be it later than intended. Jason goes on a major rant; tune in to find out why. For an MP3 copy of the show, right click the link below the player and choose Save As. You can also [...]

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Wii U / Wii 2 / Project Cafe Specs

The Wii U / Wii 2 / Project Cafe tech specs have slipped out of a back door at E3! Looks like we’ll be treated to; CPU: Triple-core 3.6GHz (IBM) GPU: R700 (AMD) RAM: 1.5GB This is some significant compute power that should bring the system in just above the PS3 in terms of raw [...]

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Nintendo @ E3 2011

It finally arrives. The most anticipated day of E3. Nintendo day. And we are in for a treat, with the introduction of a brand new console and new games for the 3DS. So without further ado, here is what has been cracking off with Nintendo today! Scroll down for all the latest Wii U and [...]

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