Opinion:- Why You Should Be Excited About Assassin’s Creed III

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has its fair share of lovers and haters. From the very beginning, Altair’s escapades in Assassin’s Creed 1 divided opinion and since then the series of games and spinoffs have continued to split the market. You either love Assassin’s Creed or hate spaces itch very little room for a middle ground. [...]

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Opinion:- Far Cry 3, And Why You Should Care

Sometimes in gaming we get the opportunity to fix the error of our ways. Sometimes we can see the future and can course-correct just in time to avoid falling into the same trap twice. Well, listen up fellow gamers, for I am concerned we may risk one of these opportunities if we are not fully [...]

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Let’s Celebrate Videogame Music

Examining videogames in a particularly anal kind of way, nearly all of them are flawed. A lot of Developers work extremely hard to suspend your disbelief; make you forget that you’re sitting in front of a television for a moment – but then the player can be all too easily shaken out of this reverie [...]

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Why Don’t Good Games Sell?

‘You know those games?’ ‘What games?’ ‘You know, THOSE games?’ ‘Ahhh yes, THOSE games. What about them?’ ‘Well, why doesn’t anyone talk about them?’ ‘I don’t know.’ – that ladies and gents is the conversation I’ve been having with myself for the past few months.The only answer I can surmise is that there are games [...]

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The Decision To Ditch Consoles For PC Gaming: Future Proofing?

Dear Reader, you join me as I embark on a journey, making a decision I never thought I’d make. As I write this I am 24 years old and have been playing computer games for the best part of 18 years, starting when I was around seven years old with my first games machine, the [...]

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