More Kinect Sports 2 DLC Out Now

Microsoft have confirmed that their top selling motion controlled title Kinect Sports Season 2 will be getting more downloadable content in the form of The Midnight Mountain Ski Pack. Available on Xbox LIVE for 400 Microsoft Points, the action-packed game add-on includes three icy cool new slopes to keep the all-ages fun going throughout the [...]

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Review: Kinect Sports

Game: Kinect Sports Format: Xbox 360 Kinect Developer: Rare Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios Not since the first Guitar Hero has there been a game that so effectively replicated the experience of being something that you are not. Where Guitar Hero made you feel like a stadium filling rock god, Kinect Sports can, at the best [...]

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Review: Goldeneye 007

Game: Goldeneye 007 Format: Wii Developer: Eurocom Publisher: Activision Anyone who was a gaming adolescent in the 90s will likely have fond memories of Rare’s original game-changing N64 shooter, and many of them will likely also recall the first attempt to cash in on that legacy, EA’s fairly lamentable Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. You could therefore [...]

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Underrated:- Viva Piñata Trouble in Paradise

In a change to your regular feature, this week Luke Mears takes the reins of the Thoroughly Underrated Games You Should Probably Play to bring you a look at an oft overlooked gem on the Xbox 360. Anyone that has ever listened to The Newb Review Podcast, or read any of The Newb Review Shop [...]

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iRate:- Collector’s Perdition

It’s a phenomenon that has existed for years, but is becoming more and more common as the games market expands. I am of course talking about expensive Collector’s Edition copies of the latest new release. It seems every developer these days is releasing a high priced “limited edition” complete with in-game bonus items, books, soundtracks, [...]

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