PS4 vs Xbox One – The Full Breakdown

Updated 11/06/2013 So the two giants of modern gaming platforms; Microsoft and Sony have both now played their hand in unveiling their entrants for the next generation of games consoles (which will officially be the 8th, in case you’re wondering). Gamers have been speculating about these new consoles since, well, November the 23rd 2005… over [...]

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Ten of the Best Wii Games to Play on Your Wii U

It’s pretty safe to say that the Nintendo Wii had a bit of a bad reputation amongst gamers. All too often we’ve seen comments from users dismissing any game on the Wii that was made by anyone other than Nintendo as tedious shovelware titles that no real gamer should ever consider playing. And now, with [...]

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Review:- Dead Space 3

Game: Dead Space 3 Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC Developer: Visceral Games Publisher: EA When news first broke that the Dead Space series would be back for a third installment fans across the globe let out a collective cheer. There’s been a lot of anticipation for (mental space janitor) Isaac Clarke’s latest adventure, but at the same time [...]

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Preview:- Dead Space 3

The Dead Space games have so far built an audience based on a reputation as a final stronghold for intensely threatening, ominous horror, unafraid to liberally spatter their creaking steel haunted houses with viscera and puss, and luxuriating in an atmosphere of constant, chilly menace. Dead Space 3 arrives, then, in a cloud of suspicion [...]

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Retro Quick Look:- Medal of Honor

With the release of Medal of Honor Warfighter almost upon us we decided to produce this very special Retro Quick Look video looking back on the game that started it all, the original Medal of Honor on the PS1. Originally released in 1999, and developed by Dreamworks Interactive, Medal of Honor was noteworthy for [...]

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