Binary Domain (360 & PS3) – £22

One of the most discussed shooters of recent months gets a price cut; 360 : PS3 : – Rax

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Modern Warfare 3 to Debut at GAMEfest

So, when will we get to see MW3 for real and have a go on it? Glad you asked. 16th of September 2011 at GAMEfest in the Birmingham NEC, UK. There, gaming news can be so simple sometimes! Oh and you can get more info about, or indeed buy tickets for, GAMEfest right here. – [...]

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Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

DICE have just detailed the whole pre-order package(s) thingamy for everyone’s soon to be favourite shooter of 2011. Without going into too much detail here, and believe me there is a lot of detail, let’s just say pre-ordering will be most worthwhile. For full details you should definitely click here to access the full run-down [...]

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Team Fortress 2 Goes Free To Play

If you have a PC, and enjoy any of the following, you NEED to download this and get stuck in, we promise it’s 100% awesome; – Shooting people – Tactical gameplay – Gaining achievements – Working collectively – Unique classes – Ambushing others – Building things – Healing buddies – Wearing hats – Making stuff [...]

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Review: Bulletstorm

Game: Bulletstorm Format: 360, PS3, P.C Developer: People Can Fly & Epic Games Publisher: Electronic Arts 20th September. This is the release date for Gears of War 3. If you can’t wait for that (and why would you) then Bulletstorm may be exactly what you need to occupy some time. I bring up Gears of [...]

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