Review: Splatterhouse

Game: Splatterhouse Format: Xbox 360 and PS3 Developer: Bottlerocket Entertainment/Namco Bandai Publisher: Namco Bandai There aren’t many games that I can’t complete, out of difficulty. If I don’t finish a game it is probably due to one of these reasons: The game is rubbish and I get bored The game is too long and I [...]

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Mon, March 7 2011 » PS3, Reviews, Xbox 360 » 2 Comments

Joe Danger could Ride onto 3DS

In the ad we noticed that they are looking for someone with exerience in programming for 3D games. Could this mean that they are looking to bring Joe Danger to the Nintendo 3DS? Maybe they are working on a whole new game for Nintendo’s little tri-dimensional system. They could even be working on a game for the PS3 using it’s 3D capabilities… but that’s a little more boring so let’s go with the assumption that they are working on Joe Danger vs the Zombie Apocalypse.. in Space… 3D. Awesome.

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You’re travelling through another dimension — a dimension not only of dancing goombas and insatiable pink blobs but of manipulative, teasing princesses. A journey into a platonic land, where the boundaries are only those of sexuality and violence. That’s a signpost up ahead, your next stop: The Nintendo Zone!

The Nintendo Zone is a place created by men. These men want you to go on an adventure but they don’t want you to know cold or pain. They want you to experience love but never act upon it. They would have you smelling the flowers in a blood soaked battlefield, while masses of bodies lie heaped next to you, unnoticed.

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Preview: EA Sports MMA

EA recently held an event to promote their new game EA Sports MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in London. The event was held at London Shootfighters MMA Gym, home of many of the top MMA fighters in the country. At the event was the Producer, Nick Laing, along with several top BAMMA fighters including Mark Adams (Featherweight Champ), Ash Grimshaw and Alex Reid (aka Big Brother winner and Katie Price’s Hubbie). Joe went along to the event to have a look at the game, which will be available on October 22nd. Also look out for the demo available from 28th September.

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GameCity 5

This is a little late. On Friday 27th August (OK, it’s a lot late), Joe “Joefeesh” Finn attended the GameCity Nights G5 Summit. The point of this event was to bring together a group of GameCity enthusiasts to discuss their likes and dislikes about GameCity’s past and current events, helping them plan for the future. [...]

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