Review:- Borderlands 2

Game: Borderlands 2 Format: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Developer: Gearbox Software Publisher: 2K Games Seldom am I reminded more strongly of the great joy of well realised co-op than when I boot up Borderlands (be that 1 or 2). Equally, however, I’m simultaneously reminded of the restrictions a full co-op experience can place on [...]

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We Sing Encore (Wii) Competition & Review

Nordic Games wanted to extend what was an awesome launch party experience to as many people as possible, so they’ve given us a copy of the game, including 2 microphones, to give to one of you lucky souls!


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Thu, August 19 2010 » Competitions, Reviews, Wii » 5 Comments

Nintendo: Leading the Way Since 1985

Other companies pussyfoot around and gently introduce concepts over years of testing the water, baby steps and half arsed innovations. Nintendo kick down your door and slap you across the face with new technology and ways to play. They make falling in line with their way a necessity, not an option, hence the current impending flood of motion control devices from Sony and Microsoft.

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Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta Impressions

We’ve had Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 2 (and we await Black Ops with interest), and Battlefield’s Bad Company 2, but the latest entrant into the popular and profitable, real-world theatre-of-war FPS market comes with an equally long and proud history (thank you so much Mr Spielberg!). Yes, Medal of Honor is back! Many rumours, [...]

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