Preview:- Senran Kaguta Shinovi Versus

Senran Kagura has attained a small degree of internet notoriety as that fighting game about boobs. For once, this is not, in fact, a wild mischaracterisation of the game’s appeal, as you can see from the screenshots. After a couple of installments on 3DS (yes, I know), Sony has tempted the series to Vita as [...]

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Preview:- Soul Sacrifice

Playstation Vita, it’s fair to say, has been something of a disaster. An excellent machine with barely a flaw in sight as far as its design and interface is concerned, what should have been a proud, strutting stag of a device has been swiftly run to ground and badly savaged by the twin attack dogs [...]

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Preview:- Dead Space 3

The Dead Space games have so far built an audience based on a reputation as a final stronghold for intensely threatening, ominous horror, unafraid to liberally spatter their creaking steel haunted houses with viscera and puss, and luxuriating in an atmosphere of constant, chilly menace. Dead Space 3 arrives, then, in a cloud of suspicion [...]

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Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney 3DS release date

This ad, running on the back cover of the September 20th cover-dated Famitsu, suggests Prof. Layton vs Ace Attorney will be released for 3DS in Japan on November 29th (Layton’s dialogue instructs Phoenix Wright to reverse the numbers in a play on Ace Attorney’s Japanese title Gyakuten Saiban – Reversal Court). On previous form, the [...]

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Review:- Sleeping Dogs

Game: Sleeping Dogs Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC Developer: United Front Games Publisher: Square Enix Sleeping Dogs emerges from a publicly troubled development period that might have given us cause to expect a dud. Originally announced as a new entry in the little-loved True Crime series, the game was dropped by its original publisher [...]

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