Retrospective:- Shadow Hearts

When the subject of  Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) comes up, I’m usually the odd one out in the room. Despite being a committed fan of the genre, even I have to admit that there are a few tropes that do get old after a while. Random encounters? Ugh. Turn-based combat? Sigh. Stereotypical angsty male [...]

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Retrospective:- What Was The Secret of Monkey Island?

With all the games on offer today I often feel it is important to think back and remember what games affected you in your childhood.  Certainly those of us in our thirties likely have memories of playing pong on a black and white television, but as technology progressed, we found ourselves in the more creative era [...]

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Never Forget About Shenmue

“Keep friends… those you love… close to you…” were the final words of Iwao Hazuki on that fateful day in 1986, when the snow turned to rain. The Shenmue saga has yet to be concluded after many years suspended on a paradigm shift of a cliffhanger, and the true meaning of those words is still [...]

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Retro Quick Look:- Super Mario World

This week’s Wetro Wednesday video looks back at one of the greatest video games of all time, 1990′s Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. Of our three contributors only two of them have actually played this stone cold classic, so expect lots of questions and our trademark inane banter. Join Kieran, Adam and [...]

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Retro Quick Look:- Pokemon Snap

What’s the snapping sound? No, it’s not Adam photographing his latest unsuspecting victim, it’s the taking a look back at the Nintendo 64 classic photography game Pokemon Snap!

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