The THQ Auction and What it Means to You

So, THQ’s sad demise was concluded with the auction of it’s major assets on Wednesday the 23rd of January 2013. But, we must not sniffle and linger in the shadows of grief, we must move onward and forward, honouring the memory of THQ. For us average gamers the really interesting aspect here is where our [...]

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Video:- Metro: Last Light Trailer, Behind the Scenes

. Enjoyed the Metro: Last Light trailer as much as us newbs? Well, here is how they did it… pretty cool, and lets face it, who doesn’t love a back stage pass!

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News:- Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Coming June 26

The news we’ve all been waiting for, the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 will arrive June 26th! This is not only a big deal, but one which is happening soon! So, get the popcorn ready along with your very best game save and prepare for the big finale you’ve all been waiting for! [...]

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News:- Saints Row 3 Expansion Cancelled

The planned “Enter the Dominatrix” standalone expansion for the latest Saints Row outing has been cancelled. Instead of releasing this content directly it will all be integrated into Saints Row 4 (due 2013), THQ have promised. – Richard “Rax” Burley

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Halo 4 Gameplay & Interview

Looking slicker, deeper and more exciting than ever before… I can’t wait to jump into this and slip back into good ol’ Halo world! – Richard “Rax” Burley

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