I Am Alive Combat Trailer

Ubisoft have sent over a new trailer for their forthcoming downloadable game I Am Alive focusing on their interesting combat mechanics As resources, such as bullets, are limited the key to survival is knowing when to attack, and just how you go about defeating your enemies. As the trailer shows sometimes all you need to [...]

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Sony Debut Inspired Gamer Ad

  Sony today launched the latest part of their “Long Live Play” campaign with a fantastic tribute to all us gamers. Featuring a “who’s who” of major Sony gaming characters it a real delight for fans old and new. Oh, and if you happen to be called Michael it’s doubly delicious! – Richard “Michael” Burley [...]

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CAP 136 – A Guerrilla and a Wolverine Walk Into a Bar

On this week’s fighting and shooting centric podcast, Joe2187 joins us to rebut Jason’s rant on Capcom last week. Plus we have the games coming soon for August. Some of the games included in this episode are Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Dragon Age 2, Halo Reach, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, Dungeon Siege 3, [...]

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The Darkness 2 Delayed Till Feb 2012

2K have confirmed that the release date for The Darkness 2 has now slipped from October 4th 2011 to February 10th 2012. This imaginatively titled sequel to the very well regarded 2007 game “The Darkness” will again be coming to PS3, XBox & PC. When it eventually arrives that is. Still, better a delay than [...]

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Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer + FemShep

So, rumors concerning the third (and allegedly final?) installment of the ridiculously, and deservedly, popular Mass Effect series are staring to mount as we discover that not only will “FemShep” (the female version of the main character) feature on the packaging for some versions of Mass Effect 3, but that we will be treated to [...]

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