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Have you ever wanted a single place to connect with your gaming buddies, regardless what platform they might be gaming on?

Have you ever wanted to easily compare your in-game achievements to those of everyone else you know?

How about find other people with similar gaming tastes and preferences?

Or maybe even get a wider view of both your own & general gaming trends for the whole industry in one place?

OK, well we have good news for you! In addition to newbreview.com you now have another online best friend… Raptr.

Raptr brings together the most requested features from every gamer’s wish list and crunches them all together into one big bunch of awesome…

If you love games you WILL love Raptr. Fact. ;-)

Check it out, as recommended by all of us at newbreview.com, on either of the links below;

Find out more about Raptr and / or sign up.

And / or why not visit newbreview.com on Raptr? We’d love to see you there!

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