Preview:- The Last of Us

With the Uncharted trilogy Naughty Dog made themselves a household name for PlayStation exclusive games. They may have become famous with Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter but treasure hunter Nathan Drake made them more popular than ever before. In a few short weeks they will be releasing a new game called The Last of [...]

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Preview:- Senran Kaguta Shinovi Versus

Senran Kagura has attained a small degree of internet notoriety as that fighting game about boobs. For once, this is not, in fact, a wild mischaracterisation of the game’s appeal, as you can see from the screenshots. After a couple of installments on 3DS (yes, I know), Sony has tempted the series to Vita as [...]

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Preview:- Soul Sacrifice

Playstation Vita, it’s fair to say, has been something of a disaster. An excellent machine with barely a flaw in sight as far as its design and interface is concerned, what should have been a proud, strutting stag of a device has been swiftly run to ground and badly savaged by the twin attack dogs [...]

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Preview:- Terraria (console version)

“The deeper you get, the harder it gets.” That’s the promise that Greg Jones, European PR manager for 505 Games, made as I picked up the controller to play Terraria for the first time. The PC version arrived mid-way through 2011 and quickly became a best (as well as consistent) seller on Steam; shifting over [...]

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Preview:- Bioshock Infinite

Hype. It’s a necessary part of the games industry as each developer and publisher tries to secure the investment they’ve laid out to make the game. Rarely will you find a major release that doesn’t come with a score of pre-release information, screenshots and early gameplay to build the anticipation before the game is finally [...]

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