Preview:- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, is the upcoming RPG from co-developers Level-5 and Studio Ghibli. Being published in the UK by NamcoBandai, our very own Tom Wallis was given the opportunity to head over to their London office to try out the game ahead of its launch.

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News:- Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Coming June 26

The news we’ve all been waiting for, the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 will arrive June 26th! This is not only a big deal, but one which is happening soon! So, get the popcorn ready along with your very best game save and prepare for the big finale you’ve all been waiting for! [...]

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New South Park RPG Screens

Following on from the appearance of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park’s creators, at the Microsoft E3 press conference, THQ have sent over further details on their upcoming role playing game South Park: The Stick of Truth: First things first, THQ have confirmed that the game will be available from 5th March 2013. Secondly [...]

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Sequel Speculation:- Mass Effect 4 – Beyond the Citadel

If there’s one thing the recent ending controversy has elicited from the massed ranks of Mass Effect fans it is musings on the topic of Mass Effect 4. Looking at the impact the Mass Effect series as a whole has had on the gaming landscape it goes without saying that Mass Effect 4 will be [...]

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Kingdoms of Amalur (ALL) – £13

A sleeper hit that really has something for everyone! 360: PS3: PC: – Rax  

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