Overrated:- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

As a human being I have faults, one of which is the way I have to have an opinion on EVERYTHING. I know EVERYTHING, and coupled with the immense satisfaction I get from irritating and annoying people for no reason whatsoever, I am simply a nightmare. Being a gamer makes it that little bit worse; [...]

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Review: Yar’s Revenge

Game: Yar’s Revenge Format: Xbox Live Arcade Developer: Killspace Entertainment Publisher: Atari If anyone missed my interview with Michael Fahrny, Producer on Killspace Entertainment’s refreshing take on Atari’s Yar’s Revenge, you can read it here but to summarize it for you, Yar’s Revenge looked set to breathe new life into the original Atari classic by [...]

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Speaking With… Michael Fahrny, Producer of Yar’s Revenge

Due to their impressive history, Atari are constantly linked with their huge back catalogue of games. So much so, that when even mentioning the name Atari, you automatically conjure up images of classics such as Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command. Another Atari classic is Yars Revenge, a fixed shooter in which players assumed the role of Yar, an [...]

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Preview: Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Team Ninja and Tecmo’s Dead or Alive franchise has garnered something of an uneven reputation, with a series of bad games over the years (Dead or Alive Beach Volley Ball anyone?). When the features you advertise your games on are the kinds of features that only people like our very own Adam Radcliffe can appreciate (I’m [...]

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Preview: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Dear Readers, Cast your minds back to E3 2010, after a disappointing showing the year before, it’s safe to say Nintendo stole the show. We had new Kirby, new Donkey Kong and a brand new console, the Nintendo 3DS. The unveiling of the 3DS wasn’t necessarily the thing that grabbed the headlines – rumours of [...]

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