SWTOR to launch 20/22 December

EA / BioWare have confirmed that the launch date for their forthcoming mega-MMO; Star Wars: The Old Republic is now set for the 20th of December (2011) in the US and the 22nd in Europe. So, we can all expect to be able to enrich those plodding “family Christmas” afternoons and evenings with some galactic [...]

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Review: Burnout CRASH!

Game: Burnout CRASH! Format: XBox 360 (XBLA) Developer: Criterion Games Publisher: Electronic Arts Crashing cars is horrible isn’t it. I should know. I’ve crashed a couple…. sigh… But wait! I’ve just remembered that it’s only horrible if it’s expensive, dangerous and embarrassing. Crashing cars is actually awesome, under the right conditions. And these are they. [...]

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Wed, September 21 2011 » Reviews, Xbox 360 » 2 Comments

Underrated:- Mirror’s Edge

Whenever the discussion with friends, family, gaming buddies or indeed, anyone who will listen, turns to “Underrated Games” I always immediately interject with “Mirror’s Edge”. I am most often met with a mixture of confusion, blank looks and sometimes a knowing nod of approval. Mirror’s Edge is one of those games that falls into a [...]

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Tue, July 26 2011 » Articles, Thoroughly Underated Games... » 11 Comments

GameStop: No Battlefield 3 on Steam

GameStop are claiming that digital delivery of Battlefield 3 will be through their own system only and will not be available via Steam. This seems both unlikely and counter-productive for EA / DICE as Steam is such a dominant force in PC based games content delivery. It can only further highlight what seems to be [...]

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EA @ E3 2011

With the unveiling of Halo 4 at the end of Microsoft’s E3 keynote, it was then time for EA to showcase a stack of new games. The gaming giant started off with the big guns, unveiling off Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. Casey Hudson took to the stage to show off some gameplay of the game. [...]

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