Video:- Three Darksiders II Gameplay Videos

Following on from our full review of Darksiders II we have produced three short gameplay clips to give our readers a better idea of what to expect from this brilliant game. Our three clips are taken from early on in the game, during out New Game + playthrough, and display the three main types of [...]

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Quick Look:- Darksiders II

Following on from our glowing review of Darksiders II, the team presents a (relatively spoiler free) video looking at some highlights from the opening chapter of THQ’s new adventure game. For those that are unaware, Darksiders II puts players in the role of Death, the Horseman of the Apocalypse, on an epic quest to restore [...]

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Review:- Darksiders II

Game: Darksiders II Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC Developer: Vigil Games Publisher: THQ The original Darksiders was released early in 2010 to critical acclaim, including our own glowing review. It was the first game from new studio Vigil Games, headed by popular comic book artist Joe Madureira, and told the story of War, the [...]

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Quick Look:- Metro: Last Light – Extended Alpha Gameplay

I love post-apocalyptic game settings. Thusly it is not hard to imagine why I am so excited by the “Metro:Last Light” video I present above. This is the extended, and multi-award nominated, “pre-alpha” game-play sequence shown at E3 itself, released recently by THQ.

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Video:- Metro Last Light E3 Demo Playthrough

THQ have released a new video showcasing the entire playthrough of the E3 2012 demo and you can watch it below: Metro: Last Light is due to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC early next year.

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