Review:- Impire

Game: Impire Format: PC Developer: Paradox Interactive Publisher: Paradox Interactive Being an evil overlord has always had it’s charm. I mean, sure, most are crazy sociopathic maniacs with a very devout cult of personality, but it just seems that their side has some of the more interesting strategies. Pity about the horrible architecture, and the [...]

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Review:- Tomb Raider

Game: Tomb Raider Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Developer: Crystal Dynamics Publisher: Square Enix Before starting this review I think I need to make one thing clear. The Lara Croft in this Tomb Raider game is nothing like any Lara we have ever seen before -she’s young, naive, fresh out of University and looking to [...]

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Review:- Mini Ninjas (iOS)

Game: Mini Ninjas Format: iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) Developer: IO Interactive Publisher: Square Enix Mini Ninjas is a title you may already be familiar with from its many incarnation(s) on everything from the Nintendo DS to the Xbox 360, but for this iOS release the team have remoulded the familiar characters, locations and [...]

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Review:- Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno

Game: Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno Format: iOS Developer: Sega (Polm Studio) Publisher: Sega So, Rabbits eh? Can’t trust ‘em can you… Well, certainly not this one… Ash… for you are now an evil leporidaeic prince of hell with a big gun, an evil speeder-bike jet lawnmower and a seriously bad attitude! As odd a concept [...]

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Review:- Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Game: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Format: PC Developer: Rebellion Publisher: Rebellion I’m going to kick off on the assumption that you like shooting stuff in video games. If you don’t then read on and find out why so many gamers do! Sometimes a game comes along and you think to yourself; “OK, that sounds [...]

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