Review:- Wii U

Throughout its rich and diverse history Nintendo has become a figurehead of innovation in the gaming industry. From its impressive stable of definitive gaming titles to its revolution of gaming visuals it must be said that this powerhouse developer has had a massive impact on not only what we play but how we play it. [...]

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Fri, February 8 2013 » Reviews, Wii U » No Comments’s 2012 Game of the Year: The Nominees

And so it is that the greatest accolade in the gaming calendar has been decided by a handful of newbs. It really has been a fantastic year for games, with pretty much every genre catered for, but at the end of the day there can only really be one ultimate winner. With so many high [...]

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Review:- WWE ’13

Game: WWE 13 Format: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii Developer: Yuke’s Publisher: THQ How many times have you heard someone say the following: “Ah the good old days, they were great weren’t they” or “In my day, everything was much better”? To anyone that has ever said this publicly I have bad news for you. Yes, [...]

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Review:- Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Format: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS2, PSP, 3DS, Wii Developer: PES Productions Publisher: Konami Ah yes, the age old wars in gaming; Microsoft versus Sony; Call of Duty versus Battlefield/Medal of Honour and more relevant to this article, Pro Evolution Soccer versus FIFA. Year on year, battles are waged and year [...]

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Retro Quick Look:- Pikmin

One of the most exciting things to come out of Nintendo’s E3 press conference a few months ago was the announcement that Pikmin 3 will be coming to their new console the Wii U. Seeing series creator, Shingeru Miyamoto, hop on stage with a Pikmin in his pocket resulted in a roar of applause from [...]

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