Underrated:- Aliens Colonial Marines

Anger, disappointment and outrage are just a few words that can be associated with the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. After grabbing people’s attention with a very strong E3 demonstration, gamers eagerly awaited its release. It looked and sounded promising and, with a story approved by 20th Century Fox, it had fans of the Alien [...]

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Company of Heroes 2 Story Trailer

Coming 25th June on PC.

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Ten of the Best Wii Games to Play on Your Wii U

It’s pretty safe to say that the Nintendo Wii had a bit of a bad reputation amongst gamers. All too often we’ve seen comments from users dismissing any game on the Wii that was made by anyone other than Nintendo as tedious shovelware titles that no real gamer should ever consider playing. And now, with [...]

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Review:- Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno

Game: Hell Yeah! Pocket Inferno Format: iOS Developer: Sega (Polm Studio) Publisher: Sega So, Rabbits eh? Can’t trust ‘em can you… Well, certainly not this one… Ash… for you are now an evil leporidaeic prince of hell with a big gun, an evil speeder-bike jet lawnmower and a seriously bad attitude! As odd a concept [...]

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The THQ Auction and What it Means to You

So, THQ’s sad demise was concluded with the auction of it’s major assets on Wednesday the 23rd of January 2013. But, we must not sniffle and linger in the shadows of grief, we must move onward and forward, honouring the memory of THQ. For us average gamers the really interesting aspect here is where our [...]

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