E3 2013: The Morning After – Part Two

The dust had settled with the Microsoft conference.  Several hours had passed.  EA and Ubisoft had both presented shows with nothing really mentioned about exclusivity.  Ubisoft was actually the first show to demonstrate a Wii U game at E3! But as it turned 2am in UK, people started wondering where the Sony stream was.  In [...]

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PS4 vs Xbox One – The Full Breakdown

Updated 11/06/2013 So the two giants of modern gaming platforms; Microsoft and Sony have both now played their hand in unveiling their entrants for the next generation of games consoles (which will officially be the 8th, in case you’re wondering). Gamers have been speculating about these new consoles since, well, November the 23rd 2005… over [...]

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The Five Most Anticipated Vita Games of 2013

The gaming community is quite strongly divided on the subject of Sony’s PlayStation Vita, it may have struggled a little bit in the first year but there’s plenty to look forward to for Vita owners in 2013. From the looks of it the Vita could very well have it in the bag, with some brilliant [...]

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Adam Thinks: Was the Vita Worth It?

If you would all stop making fun of the Vita now that would be great. Yes it’s been just over a year now and we all know it didn’t do as well as everyone hoped. Especially Sony. You don’t need to remind them of that anymore, even they admitted it. I will admit too, as somebody who [...]

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Video:- Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Trailer

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’m rather partial to a bit of Final Fantasy. Even the recent additions to the franchise, which are a little lacklustre when set next to the golden era of Final Fantasies VII through X, have seen an inordinate amount of play time from this pretend journalist. When [...]

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