Gamescom Preview: Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor reboot has been a hot topic of late. Whilst you’re not going to get a comment on the Taliban controversy in this article, stay tuned to The Newb Review for an exclusive interview with Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer for Medal of Honor, in the coming weeks. in the meantime Tom Wallis [...]

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The Newb Review Episode 35

Tom is back in the hosting seat, joined by Kieran and that idiot – Adam – they talk through the usual gaming news and the final few days of Tom’s adventures in Cologne at Gamescom. Tune in to find out what went down as well as the lowdown on all the exclusive stuff you’ll only [...]

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The Event: Gamescom 2010 – Day 3… The beginning of the end

So we’re three days into the largest Games Conference in Europe, and I still haven’t made it onto the show floor. Today was the day, and after a few hours of frantically writing and sorting out photos, it was time to brave the chaos of the main halls. However there was a twist; Dan decided [...]

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The Newb Review Episode 34

With Europe’s biggest gaming event, GamesCom in full swing, this week The Newb Review brings you a special, GamesCom edition of the podcast. In part 1, Tom sits down and has a chat with Kieran about what he got up to at days 1 and 2 of GamesCom, live from Cologne. However in a special [...]

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The Event: Gamescom 2010 – Day 2

Just to recap, EA have brought me out to Gamescom in Cologne to cover some of their highest profile titles. Some of you will probably think that this is a free holiday and that writing for a few games, a few EA games no less, is a walk in the park. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t easier because I’m doing something that I love, but this is no cakewalk…

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