Quick Look:- Metro: Last Light – Extended Alpha Gameplay

I love post-apocalyptic game settings. Thusly it is not hard to imagine why I am so excited by the “Metro:Last Light” video I present above. This is the extended, and multi-award nominated, “pre-alpha” game-play sequence shown at E3 itself, released recently by THQ.

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Preview:- Antichamber

After Portal, First-Person, Test-Chamber based Puzzle Games have almost become a genre in their own right. You, an unknown quantity with limited or no known backstory, awake and are subjected to a series of puzzles while another entity of unknown benevolence pulls the strings and manipulates your isolated environment. Throughout, you slowly eke out story [...]

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Quick Look:- The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved For Help

It has been almost two agonising months since the first episode of TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead was released, but now, following a short delay, episode two is available to download on Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and American PSN (sorry European PS3 users, there’s no word on when it’ll be available on our PSN). The [...]

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Quick Look:- Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ahead of Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s UK launch newbreview.com’s Luke Mears and Adam Radcliffe got together to record a short video looking at some of the key gameplay elements in the game. Anyone that has read our full review will know that we think the game is fantastic, but there are some out there that [...]

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Video Preview:- Hitman Sniper Challenge

Made available as a free download for all gamers that preorder Hitman Absolution, Hitman: Sniper Challenge is a bitesized downloadable game that put you in the role of the bald barcode headed killer Agent 47.  The main objective of this 15 minute mission is to quickly and quietly assassinating a number of targets with your [...]

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