Dragon Age 3 Multiplayer & Frostbite 2

Who doesn’t love a rumor? Furthermore, who doesn’t love it when more than 1 comes along at once? So in the last few hours a couple of such things have surfaced and are worth pondering; 1. “Dragon Age 3 will be powered by Frostbite 2” : Well, this one is highly likely, with the incredible [...]

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Dragon Age 2 DLC – 5 Achievements

BioWare today published (deliberately / accidentally, you pick) 5 new achievements for Dragon Age 2. These reveal significant further clues to the forthcoming DLC, so let’s take a closer look; Family Legacy: (30 points) – Apply three effects to Hawke’s Key. Conductor: (30 points) – Defeat an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains. Tower Sweeper: [...]

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Dragon Age 2 DLC News End of July

BioWare have finally announced the date of the first Dragon Age 2 DLC’s… … … announcement… The “reveal” will occur during this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, with our money going on the 22nd of July. Details are that the DLC will be playable at Comic-Con, and with Mass Effect 3 to content with, BioWare [...]

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Dragon Age 2 DLC Hints

          Mike Laidlaw, lead designer of the Dragon Age series, has posted on the Bioware community forums about his thoughts on Dragon Age 2, possible DLC and also some small hints about Dragon Age 3. Of all the content of his post perhaps the most exciting to fans of the series [...]

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Fancy a job on Dragon Age 3?

This Twitter entry from Alistair McNally (Senior Director of Creative Development at BioWare) clearly confirms the well know fact that Dragon Age 3 is in the works. The final part of the trilogy, and medieval twin to the equally successful “Mass Effect” trilogy, this is likely to be a huge seller and will almost certainly [...]

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