Bioshock Infinite Release Date

We’ve had the UK release date of Bioshock Infinite confirmed by the twitter account of 2K Games UK’s Matt Roche: “Matt Roche ‏ BioShock Infinite out October 19th 2012 in the UK!” There we have it! Presumably this means that the US release date will be 16th October, as those lucky Americans always get [...]

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BioShock Infinite “1999″ Mode Detailed

So, enjoyed the BioShock series so far but just feel a bit like it was maybe lacking challenge? Do you long for the halcyon days of “proper” difficulty levels? Missing the sense of fury with yourself you used to get back in the “good ol’ days” when you got stuck in a gaming dead end? [...]

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Top 10 Frightening Games for Halloween

In honour of Halloween, management tasked the site’s resident mental Adam Radcliffe (left) with compling a list of some of the most enjoyably frightening games he has ever played. This list was deposited at the end of our garden, scribbled in lavender crayon on sheets of used toilet paper. We all have our reasons for playing video games. For some it is simply [...]

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NEWbreview Podcast Episode 26

In this weeks podcast our fantastic but unfortunately rather tired host Tom and his commentaries, the rather ridiculous Kieran returns with more genius wit and the man who we just cant actually get off the podcast, Adam,  is back with a wonderful guide to surviving hell of earth. Plus the usual BANTER. MP3 Download / [...]

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DLC Review: Bioshock 2: The Protector Trials

Anyone that played the original Bioshock through to completition would probably agree with the following statement: the Little Sister protection mission sucked.  The gunplay was imprecise, and the slow lumbering movement made the whole thing drag. Thank god it only lasted a few minutes. With that in mind, when it was revealed that Bioshock 2 would [...]

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