Preview:- Terraria (console version)

“The deeper you get, the harder it gets.” That’s the promise that Greg Jones, European PR manager for 505 Games, made as I picked up the controller to play Terraria for the first time. The PC version arrived mid-way through 2011 and quickly became a best (as well as consistent) seller on Steam; shifting over [...]

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PlayStation 4 – Everything You Need To Know About Sony’s Official Launch

Sony’s 2013 conference burst onto the internet last night revealing a whole bunch of fresh, new and exciting entertainmenty things to look forward to. With rumours rife that the event would feature the announcement and exploration of the PS4 and its capabilities, speculation on the web reached almost fevered pitch as over 2.6 Million tuned [...]

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Preview:- Bioshock Infinite

Hype. It’s a necessary part of the games industry as each developer and publisher tries to secure the investment they’ve laid out to make the game. Rarely will you find a major release that doesn’t come with a score of pre-release information, screenshots and early gameplay to build the anticipation before the game is finally [...]

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Preview:- Dead Space 3

The Dead Space games have so far built an audience based on a reputation as a final stronghold for intensely threatening, ominous horror, unafraid to liberally spatter their creaking steel haunted houses with viscera and puss, and luxuriating in an atmosphere of constant, chilly menace. Dead Space 3 arrives, then, in a cloud of suspicion [...]

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Preview:- Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, is the upcoming RPG from co-developers Level-5 and Studio Ghibli. Being published in the UK by NamcoBandai, our very own Tom Wallis was given the opportunity to head over to their London office to try out the game ahead of its launch.

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