NEWbreview Podcast Episode 12

The unholy trio of Mr Tom Wallis, Adam Radcliffe and Kieran Roycroft are backing meaning only one thing… Normal service resumes. That’s right, this week’s podcast contains all the usual shenanigans, no special nothing. We have a 60 second review of Platinum’s Games’s Vanquish, a debate on gaming genres including: what was your first [...]

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Sun, February 20 2011 » Podcasts » 1 Comment

CAP 118 – Some PSP Love

We go on so many tangents this episode that we barely stay on topic. Jason played like a billion games, Steven played just one new one. Some of the bajillion games we talk about include Ys Seven, Split Second, Mass Effect, Raskulls, Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Age: Origins, and Pac-Man CE DX. Plus you get [...]

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Mon, January 17 2011 » Recommended Podcasts » No Comments

CAP 108 – PAX West 2010 Part 1

This week Steven and a special guest from our friends list do an extensive recap of PAX West 2010. Jason is both happy and unhappy with BioWare at the same time. Tune in to find out why. For an MP3 copy of the show, right click the link and choose Save As. You can also [...]

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Tue, September 14 2010 » Recommended Podcasts » 1 Comment

The Event: Gamescom 2010 – Day 3… The beginning of the end

So we’re three days into the largest Games Conference in Europe, and I still haven’t made it onto the show floor. Today was the day, and after a few hours of frantically writing and sorting out photos, it was time to brave the chaos of the main halls. However there was a twist; Dan decided [...]

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Mon, August 23 2010 » Articles » 3 Comments

Speaking with… Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer on Dragon Age 2

In this week’s edition of Speaking With… Tom Wallis interviews Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer on the forthcoming Dragon Age 2, the sequel to the massively popular Role Playing Game, Dragon Age: Origins. Developed by Bioware, the makers of Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the game takes place in a dark [...]

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Sat, August 21 2010 » Interviews » 2 Comments