PS4 vs Xbox One – The Full Breakdown

So the two giants of modern gaming platforms; Microsoft and Sony have both now played their hand in unveiling their entrants for the next generation of games consoles (which will officially be the 8th, in case you’re wondering). Gamers have been speculating about these new consoles since, well, November the 23rd 2005… over 7 years [...]

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Xbox One Reveal Summary

So we saw a whole heap of stuff at today’s Xbox One reveal, but the distilled version of what really matters really comes down to; Full voice control possible, no controller used during demo. “Snap” allows you to run video, apps & games next to each other on the same screen. Heavily TV enabled, including [...]

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Preview:- The Last of Us

With the Uncharted trilogy Naughty Dog made themselves a household name for PlayStation exclusive games. They may have become famous with Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter but treasure hunter Nathan Drake made them more popular than ever before. In a few short weeks they will be releasing a new game called The Last of [...]

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Preview:- Senran Kaguta Shinovi Versus

Senran Kagura has attained a small degree of internet notoriety as that fighting game about boobs. For once, this is not, in fact, a wild mischaracterisation of the game’s appeal, as you can see from the screenshots. After a couple of installments on 3DS (yes, I know), Sony has tempted the series to Vita as [...]

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Preview:- Soul Sacrifice

Playstation Vita, it’s fair to say, has been something of a disaster. An excellent machine with barely a flaw in sight as far as its design and interface is concerned, what should have been a proud, strutting stag of a device has been swiftly run to ground and badly savaged by the twin attack dogs [...]

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