The Event: Gamescom 2010 – Day 3… The beginning of the end

So we’re three days into the largest Games Conference in Europe, and I still haven’t made it onto the show floor. Today was the day, and after a few hours of frantically writing and sorting out photos, it was time to brave the chaos of the main halls. However there was a twist; Dan decided [...]

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Mon, August 23 2010 » Articles » 3 Comments

The Event: Gamescom 2010 – Day 2

Just to recap, EA have brought me out to Gamescom in Cologne to cover some of their highest profile titles. Some of you will probably think that this is a free holiday and that writing for a few games, a few EA games no less, is a walk in the park. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t easier because I’m doing something that I love, but this is no cakewalk…

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