Speaking With… Andy Tudor, Lead Designer for Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed

With our sights set on the forthcoming release of Need for Speed Shift 2, we sat down with it’s Lead Designer, Andy Tudor, of Slightly Mad Studios, to talk Simulation, Social Gaming & Supercars. How would you describe SHIFT 2 to someone new to the franchise? Fun, at very high speed, with expensive cars and [...]

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Speaking With… Michael Fahrny, Producer of Yar’s Revenge

Due to their impressive history, Atari are constantly linked with their huge back catalogue of games. So much so, that when even mentioning the name Atari, you automatically conjure up images of classics such as Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command. Another Atari classic is Yars Revenge, a fixed shooter in which players assumed the role of Yar, an [...]

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Speaking With… Zandro Chan, Creative Director at Bedlam Studios

It has been over six years since the last Dungeons and Dragons game was released on home consoles, and both Publisher Atari and Developer Bedlam Studios are keen to make their latest offering in the series, Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale, the best Dungeons and Dragons game yet. Rather than being a boxed retail product, D&D: [...]

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Speaking with… Kellee Santiago, Co-Founder & President of thatgamecompany

In recent years we have witnessed something of an explosion of creative and innovative games into the market we so love. thatgamecompany have had a lot to do with this, producing the critically acclaimed Flower and fl0w – both PS3 exclusive titles that push the boundaries of what we understand of gaming mechanics. With their [...]

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Speaking with… James Öhlen Creative Director on Star Wars: The Old Republic

In the last of our coverage from this year’s Gamescom, our very own Tom Wallis managed to sit down with James Öhlen, Creative Director on Star Wars: The Old Republic, to discuss the game, it’s development processes and the MMORPG genre in general, amongst other things.

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