iRate:- Baddie Boss Bashing

Have you ever experienced the sheer horror of getting to the end of a game and being totally and utterly disappointed? Not because the game was bad, oh no, it was just that end boss was such a huge let down? Well fear not my friend because you are not alone!

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Wed, July 7 2010 » Articles, iRate » 11 Comments

The Newb Review Episode 15

Today Tom, Kieran, Luke and Joe take command of the airwaves to tackle the hot topics from the world of video games. With a potential Final Fantasy 7 remake, Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3 and a stand-alone 250gb XBox 360 the guys have plenty of news for you to digest.  Of course, we have [...]

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Thu, March 25 2010 » Podcasts » 6 Comments