Quick Look:- The Dark Knight Rises

Following on from this morning’s full review, Kieran and Luke bring us a Quick Look Video about Gameloft’s movie tie in game The Dark Knight Rises. In this video we show how the game compares to other Batman titles out there, have a look at the expansive upgrade system, and go for a drive around [...]

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Review:- The Dark Knight Rises

Game: The Dark Knight Rises Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Developer: Gameloft Publisher: Warner Bros Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises is an open world adventure game that has been released on the App Store to tie in with the latest Batman movie. In terms of narrative, rather than lifting whole parts of the whole movie, [...]

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News:- The Dark Knight Rises iPad Gameplay Videos

We’ve created a few gameplay videos of the The Dark Knight Rises game on iPad. Developed by Gameloft the game is based on the Summer Blockbusters of the same name and takes the form of an open world crime fighting game. These videos show off a range of gameplay scenarios from stealth, to combat, to [...]

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WP7 Must Haves Promo Starts 1st Feb

Microsoft’s Must Have Games promotion for Windows Phone will kick off on 1st February the publisher has announced this evening. This year’s promotion includes some well known franchises, such as Need for Speed and Splinter Cell, as well as a few original titles. The full list, including prices and release dates can be found below: [...]

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Windows Phone Must Haves Promotion

Microsoft have confirmed that their (now seemingly annual) Windows Phone promotion Must Have Games will take place this year. Kicking off in early February, one smash title will be released each week, complete with Xbox LIVE Achievements, Leaderboards and more. The second wave of Must Have Games for gamers on-the go includes: ·         Need for [...]

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