NEWbreview Podcast Episode 26

In this weeks podcast our fantastic but unfortunately rather tired host Tom and his commentaries, the rather ridiculous Kieran returns with more genius wit and the man who we just cant actually get off the podcast, Adam,  is back with a wonderful guide to surviving hell of earth. Plus the usual BANTER. MP3 Download / [...]

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NEWbreview Podcast Episode 25

The week podcast regular Kieran takes the driving seat, and is joined by podcast irregular Adam and special guest Charlie Murray, from Nave360 dot com, to discuss the week in gaming. For once we have a 60 second review from a lady and Adam also does a terrible impression of Chris Crocker. MP3 Download / iTunes / [...]

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NEWbreview Podcast Episode 24

Adam and Ash join Tom this week for the usual tomfoolery. Tom and Ash are at it again, playing a game together and telling you all about it and Adam’s managed to come across a review of a game that he’d like to share with the world. THIS ONE IS NOT TO BE MISSED. MP3 [...]

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NEWbreview Podcast Episode 23

Joining Tom this week is the returning, Kieran Roycroft and Adam Radcliffe. Episode 23 contains all the usual great banter, the return of our 60 second review feature and of course Adam is back, thinking out loud and recording it and stuffs. ENJOY MP3 Download / iTunes / RSS Feed

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NEWbreview Podcast Episode 22

King Steve, Lord Luke and….Ash, drop some bombs among other things while talking about what was without a doubt the worst thing to happen to the gaming community since the invention of the sawn off shotgun on GOW3, among other things. MP3 Download / iTunes / RSS Feed

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