Five Wii Games That Must Come to Playstation Move

Early on in the life cycle of the Nintendo Wii many publishers took one look at the gigantic sales figures for the console and ploughed huge resources in to making Wii Games. Sure, the vast majority of these games were cheap cash-ins designed to do little more than make a quick buck, but a few [...]

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Wed, April 20 2011 » Articles, List Articles » 3 Comments

Top 10 Survival Horror Clichés

Double check you have all your weapons fully loaded as we stumble through a list of genre cliches in the console and film action horror catalogue. Spoilers Aplenty, be warned. We’ve had an edge-of-the-seat month playing Dead Space 2; yet another survival horror set in some surreal spectacular surroundings. In the same vein as the [...]

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Thu, March 24 2011 » Articles, List Articles » No Comments

2011; The Games That Will Define It

So 2010 has come and gone. Games of the year have been voted on and awards dished out. But what about this year? What about today? What about 2011? What games will be in the running for Game of the Year 2011? Well, frett no more, we’ve made this list that you can wave in [...]

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Wed, January 12 2011 » Articles » 2 Comments

Games We Want To See For Kinect

Anyone that watched Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year would probably have very mixed feelings about what they saw. While they showed off ‘hardcore’ games like Halo Reach and Gears of War 3, Microsoft dedicated the majority of their pitch to their latest bit of kit: Kinect (formerly Project Natal).

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Wed, August 11 2010 » Articles » 1 Comment

Gaming Drinking Games

Everybody loves lists right? Contrary to popular belief within the games industry, local multiplayer gaming is still very much alive. Many of us still like to get the mates over and enjoy some split screen gaming. In fact every night out with my friends begins with the playing of a few games or drinking to [...]

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Mon, July 5 2010 » Articles » 1 Comment