Batman: Arkham City (360) – £17

One of the most recent blockbuster to garner pretty much universal acclaim… – Rax

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Batman Inc. Batsuit (All) – Free

Yes, grab your shiny new batsuit here; Xbox 360: Games for Windows: PSN: Check PSN now! – Rax  

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Skyrim “Most Played Game” 2011

Whilst clear that Modern Warfare 3 wins on raw hours played, it’s Skyrim that takes both the “hours played per player” & “session length” awards to snatch Raptr’s “Most Played 2011″ award from under it’s multi-player FPS nose. (Update: The full Raptr report is now available directly by clicking here) It’s interesting to see two [...]

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Nightwing Playable in Arkham City? have uncovered the full trophy list for Batman Arkham City – as well as potentially offering up a few potential spoilers on other characters that can be found in the game, they have also uncovered the fact that Nightwing will be a downloadable playable character in the game, in the challenge mode at least [...]

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Arkham City Viral Audio “Leaks”

The above video / audio has been “leaked” via MovieViral (’nuff said!) who today posted a strange message in the form of; “I f n W C O g 2 D 5″. The UK Batman game community correctly deduced this was a YouTube code and swiftly published the connection. This builds on the earlier leaked [...]

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