’s Comment of the Week 28th July 2012

This week we’ll skip the usual sarcastic introduction and jump straight into the action: our comment of the week goes to one intrepid reader that managed to not only write the longest comment in’s history but their comment also managed to break our comments system on the site. Unfortunately, due to the comment’s epic [...]

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Sat, July 28 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments’s Comment of the Week – 14th July 2012

We at take the time to read through every comment that gets sent to us across our various presences on the internet. At times we get some genuinely thought provoking comments from our readers that make us reevaluate the way we view certain games and as such we have decided to shine a spotlight [...]

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Sat, July 14 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

Adam Thinks:- Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Controversy presents a brand new video from the mind of our resident idiot Adam Radcliffe. This week Adam shares his thoughts about the recent controversy surrounding the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut downloadable content and the new endings it brought to the game. Tune in next week for another new episode of Adam Thinks.

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Fri, July 6 2012 » Adam Thinks... » No Comments

News:- Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Coming June 26

The news we’ve all been waiting for, the Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 will arrive June 26th! This is not only a big deal, but one which is happening soon! So, get the popcorn ready along with your very best game save and prepare for the big finale you’ve all been waiting for! [...]

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Fri, June 22 2012 » Gaming News » No Comments

Why I Love… Commander Shepard

To the two people out there who haven’t heard of the greatness that is Commander Shepard, allow me to fill you in. Commander Shepard is the main protagonist from Bioware’s Mass Effect series, he (or she) is an individual whose appearance, gender, place of birth, sexual orientation, first name and chosen class has been unrecorded [...]

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