Review:- Smash ‘n’ Survive

Game: Smash ‘n’ Survive Format: PS3 (PSN) Developer: Version 2 Games Publisher: Sony Every now and then a downloadable title comes along and shocks you with its depth, ambition and technical expertise. PSN and XBLA titles have the ability to move the player in a way that isn’t often seen in the big budget world [...]

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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (360) – £7

This one is strictly “reserve and collect”, sadly, but if you’re near a Currys then why not! – Rax

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Review:- Death Rally (iOS)

Game: Death Rally (iOS) Format: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Developer: Remedy Entertainment Publisher: Apple Sometimes the advent of a new technology grants us all the opportunity to enjoy anew a past favourite as it is reborn for the new platform. Often this can prove disappointing, as the halcyon memories of yore shine more [...]

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Mobile Review: Armored Drive

Game: Armored Drive Format: Windows Phone 7 Developer: Elbert Perez Publisher: Free / Direct Part blast from the past, part “just one more go”, this top down driving game pushes all the right buttons. With “tilt-n-tap” controls that are surprisingly accurate and intuitive, an impressively large range of vehicle upgrades and more than a few [...]

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New Carmaggedon in fast lane?

An interesting little countdown timer has appeared on which points at June the 1st for a reveal of some sort, raising the prospect that we may be in for a vehicular pile-up spectacular sequel in the not too distant future? Almost ceratinly the greatest “car based bash ‘um up” ever created there will be [...]

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