Gaming Drinking Games

Everybody loves lists right? Contrary to popular belief within the games industry, local multiplayer gaming is still very much alive. Many of us still like to get the mates over and enjoy some split screen gaming. In fact every night out with my friends begins with the playing of a few games or drinking to [...]

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Mon, July 5 2010 » Articles » 1 Comment

Preview: Modnation Racers (Beta)

So what happens when Sackboy and Mario have a baby?  Modnation Racers, that’s what!  United Front Games have been putting together what could be the PS3′s first decent kart racer. Just last week they launched the European public beta and The Newb Review was quick enough to snag a copy from the PSN Store. So we thought it best to play the [...]

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Mon, February 1 2010 » Previews, PS3 » 3 Comments