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Everybody loves lists right? Contrary to popular belief within the games industry, local multiplayer gaming is still very much alive.

Many of us still like to get the mates over and enjoy some split screen gaming. In fact every night out with my friends begins with the playing of a few games or drinking to Family guy (drink at every flashback, which is a lot).

All too often, though, we focus on the regular gaming experience and don’t experiment enough with the fun that could be had with the addition of a few rules and a lot of alcohol.

So with that in mind, I’ve knocked up a little list of some ideas for drinking games while playing games. Have a go and let us know how it went. Or even video it and send us a link to the YouTube video of you drinking (responsibly) and making fools of yourselves.

Note: Drink 2 fingers, 3 fingers etc means that the person must drink the specified finger width of their drink. So, 4 fingers would be about 4-6cm of their drink. It all adds up fast.

Spin Out

Compatible Games: Blur, Split/Second, Mario Kart and other kart racers.
This one could also be applied to Mario Kart but I’d recommend Blur. Just because it’s awesome. It’s nice to get a little bit of physical activity into the mix, to liven things up and make it harder on everyone. Let the dizziness ensue!
Rules of the Game:

  • At least 4 people required. Split into 2 teams.
  • 1 person from each team will play in a split screen race, 2 on 2.
  • Every time a player is hit with a power up, their team must spin in a circle to represent the car then take a drink (2 fingers?).
  • If wrecked the player and their team must quickly drink before returning to the race.
  • After every race the players swap over and repeat.
  • After 3 races the losing team take shots.

Erm, I don't mean to alarm you but...

Bubbly Bros.

Compatible Games: New Super Mario Bros Wii
Although I’m not the biggest fan of the New Super Mario Bros, the inevitable frequent deaths and “sit in your bubble” mechanic, make for a great drinking game. This can be up to 4 player.
Rules of the Game:

  • Up to 4 players start the level.
  • If you die you have to go into your bubble and drink 4 fingers.
  • If somebody pops your bubble accidentally you may re-enter the game.
  • The first person to the finish line wins and the others have to drink shots or 3 fingers.
  • If you want to play the game hardcore, then put some (cooked) mushrooms in your drinks to make the experience more authentic.

Eat up Mario and spit him to the Hammer Bros. No mercy.

Foul and Score.

Compatible Games: Fifa, Pro Evo, Sensible Soccer, Football Italia ’90 etc
This is a game to stir up the competitive nature of any football game fan. What’s the fun in playing to the rules of the game when you have the ability to chop players down with completely unnecessary tackles? Bear in mind that losing players will make it harder to stop those goals and your defeat all the more certain. This game is best played with 4 people for ultimate carnage.
Rules of the Game:

  • If you score a goal your opponent must drink 2 fingers.
  • If you get a yellow card, your opponent must drink 2 fingers.
  • If you get a red card your opponent must drink 3 fingers.
  • If your team is disqualified you drink 3 fingers or take a shot.
  • The losers take a shot or down the remainder of their drink.

By my rules, this is about to turn real ugly

Tag Team.

Compatible Games: Street Fighter, Tekken, Smash Bros., Rival Schools, Marvel vs Capcom, Mortal Kombat etc
This will work for most fighting games and requires at least 4 players. I like to make things a bit more interesting than the usual “loser takes a shot”.
Rules of the Game:

  • Split into 2 teams.
  • Choose one from each team to start the game. While this player is fighting their partner must drink.
  • To tag out you have to put the controller down fully before you partner can stop drinking and pick up the pad.
  • The player who tagged out must then drink while the other plays.
  • Tag as many times as you need but each tag allows the opponent an attack.
  • The losers take a shot each.
  • The winning team has to get up and mock the winning pose and sound of their character otherwise they have to drink.

Tag. Your turn.

“You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

Compatible Games: Fight Night Round 3
Here’s one that will make those long Fight Night Round 3 matches go a little quicker. This won’t work for Fight Night Round 4 as they changed some of the mechanics but I’m sure you can modify accordingly if needs be. Also, to make things more interesting you could try pitting lightweights against heavyweights.
Rules of the Game:

  • Neither player is allowed to block, only duck and weave.
  • If your boxer is knocked down, you must drink 2 fingers before getting them get back up.
  • At the end of every round both players must drink from one hand while fixing their boxer up.
  • When the fight is finished the loser has to do ten press-ups then drink a shot.

No blocking. Don't worry mate, I'll go easy... RRAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Pour one for your homies.

Compatible Games: Halo, Call of Duty and Modern Warfare, Goldeneye etc (first person shooters)
To be honest 1st person shooters probably make the worst drinking game games in terms of coming up with something original and interesting. But I couldn’t leave them out completely so let’s go for a simple one.
Rules of the Game:

  • Every death, take a drink.
  • Highest scoring player takes a shot after each game, to keep everyone drinking.
  • To make things more interesting go for some special rules like hand guns or gun butts only. These are dependent on the game.

New Goldeneye announced at E3! Perfect multiplayer drinking game

The Game Name Game

The odd one out, this is the only drinking game that doesn’t require anyone to actually be playing games. It is video game themed, however, and it can be played anywhere.
Rules of the Game:

  • Take the form of a drinking circle.
  • The first person names any game.
  • The person next to them in the circle must then take the initial of the last word in that game. For example Street Fighter would be F.
  • They must name another game starting with this letter. For example F-Zero. Then the next in the circle could name Zoo Tycoon and so on.
  • The player must drink while they think.
  • Sequels will only be accepted if they have a subtitle or different name, for example The Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands or Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
  • “The” does not count as a first word.
  • Double initialled titles reverse the direction around the circle.
  • If someone finishes their glass/can while thinking, they can pass their turn.

Please drink responsibly, and only if you are over the age of 18.

–Joe Finn–

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  1. Shendow April 18 2011 @ 10:31 am

    Weak, Halo 2 we made the winner take two big drinks from the bottle and losers take one.

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