Pro Evo Hits OnLive With Prizes

Cloud-based gaming system OnLive have announced today that KONAMI’s highly anticipated game Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is now available for instant play on the OnLive Game Service. To celebrate, OnLive has partnered with BT to offer a PES 2012Play 2 Win Kickoff Giveaway for the first week that the game is available, enabling gamers to [...]

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Messi transfers from PES to FIFA

We just had confirmation that Messi will be switching from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) to EA’s FIFA series. ( Needless to say this is a huge coup for EA, capturing the greatest footballer playing in world football today. What this means for PES is a different story… will they enter the transfer market now too? [...]

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Gaming Drinking Games

Everybody loves lists right? Contrary to popular belief within the games industry, local multiplayer gaming is still very much alive. Many of us still like to get the mates over and enjoy some split screen gaming. In fact every night out with my friends begins with the playing of a few games or drinking to [...]

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