Peter Molyneux Leaves Microsoft

Breaking news from twitter: peter molyneux ‏ : I have left the lovely amazing Microsoft and lionhead. Now for something really amazing, scary and brave a new company called 22 Cans This has come as quite a surprise, considering that Molyenux and Lionhead has at least two Fable games on the horizon, Fable Heroes [...]

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Fable 3 (360) – £8

If you don’t own it, grab it now… – Rax

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Mobile Review: Fable Coin Golf

Game: Fable Coin Golf Format: Windows Phone 7 Developer: Lionhead Games, Ideaworks Studios Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios When the Windows Phone 7 was revealed to feature Xbox Live integration, Microsoft was quick to point out the potential for gaming across platforms. Complete a certain objective on your phone and be rewarded with a certain item. After [...]

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Milo & Kate Reborn in HD?

The much demoed “Milo & Kate” video for Kinect has spawned a new, extended, engine demo from Lionhead. The studio claim that their new “Mega Mesh” tool can break the game world down into individual 3D objects onto which the game artists can apply their trade, allowing billions of polygons to be handled. It certainly [...]

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DLC Review: Fable III: Traitor’s Keep

Game: Fable 3: Traitor’s Keep Format: Xbox 360 Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios Traitor’s keep is the latest major expansion to Lionhead’s Xbox 360 exclusive Fable 3. Unlike the downloadable content for Fable 2, this expansion has a clear and concise narrative that is separate from the main game’s story, but also provides [...]

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