Resi Evil Code Veronica HD Achievements Revealed

Details of the impending HD re-release of the Sega Dreamcast classic Resident Evil Code Veronica have leaked on to the internet. As reported by Code Veronica HD will support the full 1000G, and presumably Platinum Trophy for the PS3 version. This means that both Resident Evil Code Veronica HD and Resident Evil 4 HD [...]

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Fri, July 8 2011 » Gaming News » No Comments

Five Wii Games That Must Come to Playstation Move

Early on in the life cycle of the Nintendo Wii many publishers took one look at the gigantic sales figures for the console and ploughed huge resources in to making Wii Games. Sure, the vast majority of these games were cheap cash-ins designed to do little more than make a quick buck, but a few [...]

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Wed, April 20 2011 » Articles, List Articles » 3 Comments

We are living in a material world…

Strangely enough, I’ve never really considered myself much of a ‘material girl’ (See what I did there?). It’s only now, with a mere two weeks and counting before I leave the country for the Land of the Rising Sun that I’m finding out that I might have been mistaken this whole time. Far from harbouring [...]

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Wed, November 17 2010 » Opinion Pieces » 2 Comments

iRate:- Journalists!

There has been a long established history of Tabloid Journalists bashing that which they do not understand. Nothing seems to frustrate these people more than change. Think about it, how many times have we seen a headline in the Daily Mail, or heard ITV news proclaim some new threat that will destroy the entire world? [...]

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Thu, April 29 2010 » Articles, iRate » 5 Comments