NEWbreview Podcast Episode 9

This week our regular band of misfits, Tom, Adam and Kieran, are joined by site writer and twitter superstar Mr Campfire Burning. With Campfire bringing some much needed knowledge of gaming, the guys run down the top releases of the week, Adam updates us on his attempts to woo the ladies and we talk a [...]

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Mon, January 31 2011 » Podcasts » 12 Comments

Speaking with… Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer on Dragon Age 2

In this week’s edition of Speaking With… Tom Wallis interviews Mike Laidlaw, Lead Designer on the forthcoming Dragon Age 2, the sequel to the massively popular Role Playing Game, Dragon Age: Origins. Developed by Bioware, the makers of Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the game takes place in a dark [...]

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Sat, August 21 2010 » Interviews » 2 Comments

Shadow of The Colossus – A Voice In The Wilderness Part Two

We’ve hunted lizards, downed spoonfuls of gloopy, graphical stew and whined more than an emo mosquito. Next on my hit list: The Colossi. I hate those things. Yes, I murmured the same the same ooh and aahs of trepidation as I approached my first Colossus, and whimpered a bit when it turned its mournful gaze [...]

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