CAP 135 – Curse You Capcom

Do you see what you did Capcom, do you? You gave me more work than I needed this week. Jason reveals all his hate for Capcom this episode and doesn’t pull any punches while doing it. Plus we have the news and a new long overdue top 5 list for you guys and gals. Some [...]

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CAP 131 – The Almost Perfect Game

Friend of the show Ginyu stops by to tell us about a few PC games he’s been playing. Jason has his best game of MLB 2010: The Show ever and Steven gets desperate in his struggle with No More Heroes 2. Plus, we have the games Coming Soon for June and a big pile of [...]

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CAP 130 – Noire Heroes

We jump through space and time to clear out some of the games in our backlog. Jason ties up some loose ends in Uncharted 2 and heads back to the 40′s to clean up the streets of Hollywood in L.A. Noire. Steven spins a tale of a Clash of Heroes and dusts off the Wii [...]

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CAP 125 – The Magic of News

The whole episode is dedicated to the news and the NPD numbers for February 2011. Oh, and Jason goes on a Magic the Gathering rant. Tune in to find out why. For an MP3 copy of the show, right click the link and choose Save As. You can also get the RSS feed right here:  [...]

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CAP 118 – Some PSP Love

We go on so many tangents this episode that we barely stay on topic. Jason played like a billion games, Steven played just one new one. Some of the bajillion games we talk about include Ys Seven, Split Second, Mass Effect, Raskulls, Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Age: Origins, and Pac-Man CE DX. Plus you get [...]

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