Review:- Golf Mania

Game: Golf Mania Format: PSP minis Developer: Icon Games Entertainment Publisher: Icon Games Entertainment Icon Games Entertainment’s Golf Mania is a downloadable PSP Minis game that is compatible with PSP, PS3, and Sony’s recently released handheld the Vita. The whole idea behind the Minis is that they are a console alternative to the inexpensive games [...]

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2 FREE Games (PS3, Vita & PSP) – £0

And it’s not anywhere near Christmas yet! http://www./playstationaccess?sk=app_423711397642076 – Rax

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Review:- Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Game: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Platform: PSP Developer: Falcom Publisher: Ghostlight RPG fans have certainly been well-catered for on the PSP. In such a late stage of its life cycle, with the Playstation Vita imminent the PSP is still going strong. Trails in the Sky – with the rather provocative acronym ‘TitS’ [...]

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Review:- Corpse Party

Game: Corpse Party Format: PSP Developer: Team Gris Gris Publisher: XSEED  There’s no party like a party filled with corpses! Right guys? This is in no way a party to bring your Jack Daniels and social inadequacy, only fear and dread. This newly-released PSP game is frightening enough to make a real mess of your [...]

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PSN License Restricted From 5 To 2

Sony has released a statement to the effect that the number of devices on which you may use your PSN purchases is dropping from 5 to just 2 on the 18th on November. Have they detected a little more friend-to-friend PSN sharing than they would like? This is not a welcome change. Having said that, [...]

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